Albany Public Library 2012 Summer Reading Program
Welcome to the Summer Reading Program for readers entering Kindergarten through 5th grade.

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Every time you log that you have read for 120 minutes, you can visit your branch to pick up a prize! You can enter the same title again if you read it for longer than 120 minutes.
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Bad Kitty For President
I liked this book. If you want to be president, it tells you how you can become president. In this book, Bad Kitty wants to become president of his cat club. He campaigns. He goes door to door. Bad Kitty cheats and says mean things about the other candidates. He made a commercial about Big Kitty saying that maybe, he's actually a stupid, sloppy, stinky, drooly, and poops wherever the heck he wants to DOG! He has a debate the day before the election. In the debate, Strange Kitty is the moderator. He was going to start with a coin toss, but he didn't have a coin. Strange Kitty asked Big Kitty a question about stray cats and Big Kitty got nervous and said he liked french fries. Strange Kitty asked Bad Kitty the same question and Bad Kitty said that Big Kitty was really a dog that smells like moldy corn chips! On election day, all of the candidates voted for themselves except for Bad Kitty who couldn't vote because he was not registered to vote. There was a absentee ballot from Old Kitty who voted for Strange Kitty who won the election.   Find this book
Who's Haunting the White House?
Jeff Bellanger