Albany Public Library 2012 Summer Reading Program
Welcome to the Summer Reading Program for readers entering Kindergarten through 5th grade.

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Every time you log that you have read for 120 minutes, you can visit your branch to pick up a prize! You can enter the same title again if you read it for longer than 120 minutes.
The Munschworks Grand Treasury
Robert Munsch
My favorite story was Something Good.
Goldie Locks has Chicken Pox
Erin Dealey
One morning Goldilocks woke up and she had chicken pox, but she didn't know where she got them. So her mother called the doctor, who was a mouse and asked him what kind of virus Goldie Locks had, and he said that it was Chicken Pox, and that was a kind of virus you needed lots of sugar to get rid of it. And her brother said he wanted some of her ice cream. And the doctor smiled and said "your time will come". But Goldie's brother was so mad and he called over his friend to play, but Goldie's father said not today because Goldie is sick. and she was laying down on the couch reading a book, and her brother was teasing her and then her mother said "that will do". And then they looked at his face and then he had chicken pox, too.