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Important Messages
The Winter Reading Challenge will begin on January 6th, 2018!
Book Reviews
Winter reading participants are asked to write brief book reviews, each of which counts as an entry in a prize drawing.
The more books you submit, the more chances you have to win! Submissions can be Fiction or Non-Fiction of any reading level.
If students age 13 and above would like to register individually, please register in the Teen or Adult Online Reading Contest.

What must be included:
1. Title and author of the book
2. Brief description of the book, no spoilers please!
Original reviews and descriptions only, please do not copy an existing review or description of the book.
3. Did you like the book?...Why or why not?
You may also include: Are there similar authors or books others might like? Have you liked other books by the author?
The reviews are subject to approval by staff librarians. The library reserves the right to edit or remove reviews that do not follow these guidelines.
For full set of rules, please refer to the Contest Guidelines.
Check out this book!
Hank the cow dog sees a girl dog. A new dog has a thing that dogs get where their eyes get crossed. There is another new dog who attacks Hank. He meets the old coyote named Rip and Snort. He tells Hank that the moon is chicken liver. He hears two voices that belong to vultures. The vultures think Hank is dead. Junior tells Hank that he can get his eyes fixed. They lead him to a cave and the owl uncrosses his eyes. Hank has to solve riddles in order to get out. He only has to solve two riddles and than is free. To find out the rest you have to read the book.   Check out this book!
The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog
John R. Erickson