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Important Messages
Come Rain or Come Shine by Jan Karon
A homey story of two young people trying to keep their lives simple. Dooley recently graduated from Veterinarian school and has recently opened an animal clinic. He and his bride to be, Lacy want to include all of their family and country neighbors to celebrate their wedding day with them. The "ups and downs" of keeping it simple are all a part of their story. Jack Taylor their soon to be adopted four-year-old son and a new puppy adds to the excitement.
The Cow by Camilo Cruz
Stop the excuses
and start the life you want... by killing the obstacles in your mind.

I absolutely love this book and I have read it more than 3 times and it only gets better and better.
A must read story
In the Mind Fields: Exploring the new science of neuropsychoanalysis by Casey Schwartz
In a challenging and enjoyable work, Ms. Schwartz narrates her own journey while discussing two relationships: first, that of the mind and body, how thought can affect our being; second between hard science and psychiatry. Neat stuff, it's a little pedantic in spots, and, walks into a new, fertile field.
I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. Beautiful, timeless story. An eccentric, poverty stricken family lives in an old run down castle. A wealthy family inherits a home down the road from them. Relationships form, characters in the story fall in love, often unreciprocated. The insights into human nature in this story written in 1948, stand true today. Many of the differences noted between the English and Americans also would be true today.
Rushing Waters by D. Steel--When I read the "blurb" for this book, I hoped it would be a different style of writing for Danielle Steel. (I HAD been a fan of hers until I realized the same trite phrases and events used over and OVER again.) A catastrophic hurricane is the draw I felt for this book. It is set in NYC and lower Manhattan becomes a disaster area. The story revolves around how the event effects 6 people and their family and friends. There is disaster, death, love connections and rebuilding of relationships. YAWN! Well, this story is the same old Danielle Steel....I guess a tigress doesn't change her stripes!