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Important Messages
Welcome to the 2013 Summer Reading Program. Sign up begins on June 17th.

The Summer Challenge is 80 points.

Please visit the library to show your library card to our staff and create a file folder for your puzzle sheets and book reviews. You can use this website to write your book reviews or you can place copies in the blue bin provided in the Children's area. Click on the Add/View Log button to enter your online book reviews.

How to earn 80 points -
4 points: Come in to show your library card and fill out your folder
2 points: Each completed puzzle sheet
10 points: Read a book and review it online or on paper

The last battle
Percy is on the edge of insanity. He must lead the camp in a battle of Olympus. Luke is leading Kronos' army to battle and titans are in it. Percy is alone. I liked the book because it is exciting.
Harry is running across the country after the horicuxses. During the battle of Hogwarts many die: Fred, Tonks, lupun, and many others die but voldemort is dead! Yes I said his name no big deal! I liked it because it was existing.