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   ASR 2015   
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Important Messages
Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
Thought provoking book. Makes us aware that decisions we make whether for ourselves or other scan impact many lives. Parts of the book were slow for me to get through other wise I would have given more stars. Definitely a book that is unforgettable.
Despite the fact that I originally read "To Kill a Mockingbird" in 10th grade, Scout has remained one of my all-time favorite characters in literature. If you're at all curious to see her "all grown-up", then this controversial novel will intrigue you. It's clear as to why this novel was originally passed over, as it reads more like a series of anecdotes than a fully-fledged novel. However, it's publication is timely, as it shows how deeply entrenched racism became part of the the Southern culture. Despite the revelations about everyone's favorite lawyer, it provides enough background on some of our best-loved characters in TKAM. I feel it was definitely worth the read.
Easy By Tammara Webber.
Book deals with campus rape and the attitudes towards it from different students. There is a romance in the center of story that is believable. Also discusses campus safety and self defense. I think the book is insightful and handles a difficult subject well.
The Liar by Nora Roberts: Imagine you find out your deceased spouse never really married you, left you in millions of dollars of debt and now you have to figure out the rest of your life. You decide to return to your small hometown, but your life is in shambles.

This is an easy summer read, but some parts are just not believable. Can a person really send a distress text when their phone is in their pocket...hmm I wonder. If you're looking for a happy ending you will not be disappointed.
At The Water's Edge by Sara Gruen

A well researched historical novel about when snobbery meets reality. Mr & Mrs. Hyde, also known as Ellis and Maddie are disowned by his parents (her mother is Dead & her father doesn't show any interest in her) after a night of beyond drunkenness. Ellis and his best friend Hank decide to high tail it to Scotland in search of the Loch Ness Monster in the hopes of regaining Ellis' father's regard. Maddie goes along somewhat unquestioningly until she gets a good dose of sobriety & reality. A very good read.