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Important Messages
Teenager Jacob Hunt has Asberger's syndrome. He is accused of murder. But he has great forensic skills and uses this gift to bring the storybook a startling conclusion. This book also has a commenters on how a person and his family is affected by his problem
Mason Perry is a cop on the D.C. police force. She is kidnapped and framed for a crime. She looses everything,her career, her badge and her freedom. Soon, what began as a routine homicide takes an unexpected and terrifying turn!
This plot is about how the Chinese government is trying to destroy the United States Navy. Coming on the scene is Jake Grafton , a senior CIA agent who exposes the plot and defends the security of the United States.
A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryce is informative, humorous and insightful. Follow Bill as he attempts to travel the Appalachian trail. He gives a history of the trail as well as details of his experience. He has a sense of self deprecating humor and insight that often had me giggling. Enjoyable read.
Hello Love by Karen McQuestion - This was another quick, easy read, and one I had a hard time putting down. I always love a story that features a lovable dog as a main character, and Anni, in this story, did not disappoint. She was an adorable dog that I wished I could meet in real life! The book tells the stories of two seemingly unrelated main characters. Dan, a widower with a teenage daughter, who misses his wife terribly. Their dog, Anni, helps them through their grief until the day she is stolen from their yard. Andrea is recovering from a nasty divorce and finding newfound independence. With the help of her adventurous friend, she remains open to the possibilities of new beginnings. As a property manager, she investigates a complaint of an unauthorized dog in one of the apartments and ends up rescuing the dog from abusive captors. Throughout the book, Dan and Andrea meet each other a couple of times in passing, neither knowing how intertwined their lives really are. Time after time, they come very close to discovering they each love the same dog, and consider her their own, but always something keeps the truth just out of their grasp. However, fate seems determined to bring them together. It was very entertaining and suspenseful (in a lighthearted way) to see when and how they would finally discover the truth. A satisfying, feel-good book that I would recommend to any dog lover, or just someone who likes a happy ending.