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Important Messages
Made You Up By Francesca Zappia

The first two books I read dealt with Truth and Perception. Made You Up deals with reality...the main character (Alexandra) is a teenage schizophrenic. She needs to determine what is what she sees (her perception) truly there?
The Passage by Justin Cronin.

Reading this book was a departure for the kind of book I typically read, and I was more than pleasantly surprised. Cronin writes in the vein of Stephen King and others who weave huge, dark tapestries of apocalyptic events. This novel was actually written for and with input from Cronin's daughter who told her dad that she wanted him to write a book about a young girl who saves the world. It's mysterious and terrifying and a real page-turner. For anyone who loves to sink their teeth into a juicy thriller, this is just the ticket.
The Last Wife of Henry VIII by Carolly Erickson

I enjoyed this book for the most part. Some parts may have been a bit melodramatic but all in all I really liked it. I'm a huge Tudor history fan so I'll read just about anything about them. I would actually like to read a biography about Catherine Parr, she seemed to have an interesting life besides being married to Henry VIII.
B.J.'s stories are laugh out loud funny. The span from what Heaven must be like to a girl just trying to get closure. They are quick and interesting.
Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This is a love story about a job becoming a life-altering decision. Louisa wants to save Will's life and he winds up changing hers. Will was a former athletic, successful businessman who had a tragic accident, turning him into a quadriplegic. You will laugh and you may cry! (I did!)