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   Adult Summer Reading 2014   
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This is a beautifully written novel that is strange, compelling, disturbing, and thought provoking. Two stories are intricately entwined in this 2013 novel. The author moves the reader seamlessly between the stories of a man (a British agent posing as a water expert) held captive by jihadist fighters in Somalia and a female oceanographer and scientist who explores the very depths of the ocean. The man and woman once shared a weekend in a romantic French hotel but their connection exists beyond the bounds of that. The analogy between the man's experiences in the unforgiving lands of Somalia and the language used to describe the ocean depths make this novel seem like you are reading prose. The author is a journalist which may explain the almost notebook like feel of the writer's voice.
Read this if:
1)You enjoy lyrical novels with elevated vocabulary.
2)You are interested in ocean exploration.
3)You enjoy books with a current event twist.  Click here to check for item in
J.M. Ledgard
Interesting story about 3 generations of two families. I wanted to keep reading to see how the characters handled various life situations. It's an older book with a good story line.  Click here to check for item in
The Days of Summer
Jill Barnett
Classic James Patterson, easy summer time, vacation read!  Click here to check for item in
James Patterson