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   Adult Summer Reading 2014   
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Congratulations to Nancy Schmall!
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Though engaged to be married through circumstances which were meant to cover up the feelings of a young man whose girlfriend was marrying another man, he learned that what he had felt for her was not lasting love as he came to know it when he married an Amish girl who had loved him since a young girl. The story was told well and in order, showing that a healthy marriage can be developed even under some odd circumstances.  Click here to check for item in
Lilly's Wedding Quilt
Kelly Long
This story had no real resolution nor point in my opinion. An Amish boy's body was found, people were questioned and friends of the deceased became boyfriend-girlfriend at the end. No murderer was uncovered.  Click here to check for item in
Missing, The Secrets of Crittenden County
Shelley Shepard Gray
Goldie's catering service again has attracted chaos. Good fun and adventure with recipes included  Click here to check for item in
Fatally Flaky
Diane Mott Davidson