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Important Messages
The Reading Game
Hurray for summer! Time for camping, sports, friends and sleeping in! Spend some of your time this summer reading. It's a game that everyone wins. Build your vocabulary, intelligence, cultural understanding, communication skills and imagination. Stories can be hugely entertaining and very inexpensive. Books are like a real-life tardis. Travel to incredible places and times, meet intriguing characters and survive impossible situations. Anything is possible when you read. Seymour's summer reading game gives you the chance to win prizes, too. One finished book=one entry. Easy!

Create an account. Remember your user name and password for next time! Each time you FINISH reading a book, enter the author, title, about how many minutes it took you to read it, and a couple of sentences telling something about the book and what you thought of it. Wait at least one day. Come to Seymour's Information Desk to pick up your prize entry forms. Put your forms in the prize box for something that you'd like to win. Prize boxes are located in the Teen Scene. Win Domino's Pizzas, gift certificates to Game Players Unlimited, Collector's Choice, Unique Gift Boutique, Lift Bridge Bookshop, Seaward's Candies and Ice Cream, Jimmy Z's, bags of books or a reader's t-shirt. Grand prize to the reader with the most minutes is a $50 Amazon gift card!! Prize winners will be announced at the Teen Readers' Party on Monday, August 7, 7-9 pm.
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