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Important Messages

JULY 6 @ 1:30 PM - DADY BROTHERS - Irish music
JULY 13 @ 10:00 AM - MICHAEL ALBERT - Collage
JULY 20 @ 1:30 PM - TOM PAUL FOX - Drawing magic
JULY 27 @ 1:30 PM - BUBBLEMANIA - Bubble maniac
AUG. 3 @ 1:30 PM - BUFFALO ZOO - World safari
AUG. 10 @ 1:30 PM - NELS ROSS - Best entertainer
A boy and girl were playing at the park on the tree. The to familys are gorilla. It was funny when the dog sniffed Victoria!
the funny part was when Charlie s mom screamed at him. skary part was when Charlies
The two familys are gorillas.There are four gorillas in the whole book!The funny part is that a dog sniffed Victoria's side.
It was funny when the mama gorilla got rilly mad at Charlie and smudge.My favorite part is when the dogs were chasing each other.
The gorilla famlys whent to the park.It was funny when the dog sniffed the other dog.