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   Teen Summer Reading 2013, Grades 6-12   
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Set your own reading goal and print out your certificate at the end to confirm books read for assigned summer reading. Check with your home library for summer reading prize information.

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Join us every Friday night at the Tappan Library for "The Underground": Teen Social Night and Iced Coffee House, 5-7pm. Stock up on movies and video games for the weekend, bring your PDAs for wireless access and communication, watch movies, play wii on the big screen or bring your own laptops for Mine Craft. Watch our calendar for Laser Tag and Karaoke Nights.

Don't forget to join the "Writer's Workshop" every other Friday at the Tappan Library from 4-5pm with Ms. Dupont. Stay connected in between meeting in our Google+ Community.
WOW. This book was absolutely amazing. I haven't read many books that are better than the first book in the series, but this was WAY better than Legend. Like in the first book, June and Day are still badass geniuses and (thank God) there's some more romance this time around! I like how June and Day care for each other, but aren't completely head over heels crazy in love like Romeo and Juliet. They have each other's back, but are independent enough to make their own choices. I don't think I would have been able to stand it if it was the whole love at first sight "I'll die for you even though I just met you" type of book. Still filled with action scenes and plot twists, it's a really great novel for only 371 pages.   Search for Book
Prodigy by Marie Lu