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   Teen Summer Reading 2013, Grades 6-12   
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Set your own reading goal and print out your certificate at the end to confirm books read for assigned summer reading. Check with your home library for summer reading prize information.

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Join us every Friday night at the Tappan Library for "The Underground": Teen Social Night and Iced Coffee House, 5-7pm. Stock up on movies and video games for the weekend, bring your PDAs for wireless access and communication, watch movies, play wii on the big screen or bring your own laptops for Mine Craft. Watch our calendar for Laser Tag and Karaoke Nights.

Don't forget to join the "Writer's Workshop" every other Friday at the Tappan Library from 4-5pm with Ms. Dupont. Stay connected in between meeting in our Google+ Community.
I really liked this book, what I really like about it is the way they describe the characters and how Christopher Paolini shows how the character change over the course of the book. The way Eragon changes over the book is the most astonishing change I have ever read about. Eragon grows from a arrogant boy who found out the powers he can have to a strong man who takes responsibility over his powers and uses them to help who he feels like needed help. On the other hand there were a couple things I did not like about this book.

I did not like who the end of the book seemed kind of rushed and everything flew by really fast before you really had time to comprehend what just happened and that caused me to read the part over again which kind of got annoying (because I had to do it so frequently). Mostly because of this reason I decided to give this book a 4.5 out of ten. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action, adventure, and dragons! In the whole set of books I think this book is the most important out of all of them because in this book you find out how Eragon got his power and you find out a plan from the Elves and the other dragons how they are going to kill the evil king Galbatorax  Search for Book