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Important Messages

REGISTRATION BEGINS June 20, 2016: 9:00 a.m.

Once you have registered, click on the Summer Reading image on the Library's main page ( Then, select the Children's Summer Reading tab. Log into your reading record, and you are good to start entering!

What’s New This Summer?!

-Every 60 minutes spent reading = eligibility for $1 Book Buck (limited to $2 Book Bucks per day)

-Choose to spend your book buck(s) right away or save your book bucks for a different prize.

-Choose to use your book buck(s) on books, coupons, goodies or non-perishable items to keep or donate to a local food pantry

-Different books, goodies, and non-perishables to choose from each week!

-Take our summer reading challenge (see a staff member for more information)

Same as Before…

-Each time you read for 60 minutes, log your minutes and come tell a book buddy about what you’ve read.

-1,500 minutes read during the summer program = eligibility for GRAND PRIZE**

*For children under three, check out our Programs for Preschoolers section of the brochure.
**Children will still be eligible for the grand prize when they reach the reading goal even If they have not received all of the smaller prizes during the program.

If you choose to record reviews, your reviews will be seen by others. If you wish for your reviews to remain private, please select "private" when you write your review.

Have Fun!

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