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This is the last week to report your Summer Reading at Tully Free Library! Please join us to celebrate a wonderful summer full of reading and for the raffle drawings on Friday, August 9, 2013 at 12 pm. in the Community Room! See you there!
Don't forget that registration for Tully Free's Summer Reading Program begins June 10! You can start to log books read and collect prizes each week starting June 24!
Benny Bunny learns how his coat changes with the season
Dora is having a sleepover with her best friend Boots in his treehouse. She doesn't know what to pack. She packs a flashlight, pjs, pirate stories, flashlight and a sleeping bag. She is ready to go. Her mom gives her cookies to take. Map shows her how to go to the treehouse. She uses her flashlight in the cave. Dora sees Swipper. She is at the treehouse. She climbs the ladder and they eat cookies and read the book. They go to sleep.