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Important Messages
Come to the Registration Party on June 26th at 5pm! Learn more about the summer reading challenge, the Battle of the Books, and the Minecraft Challenge.

5:15pm Volunteer Orientation
5:40pm Minecraft Challenge Orientation
5:50pm Battle of the Books Orientation
6:00pm Ice Cream Social & Just Dance Party

Summer volunteer hours begin Tuesday, July 7th.

If you would like to volunteer but cannot attend the registration party, please contact me!

Dianne Aimone
Teen Advisor
(845) 986-1047 ext. 3
As the battle between the legendary pokemon Groudon and Kyogre continue, Ruby and Courtney (a Team Magma admin) are trying to stop them with the two orbs that control the two, the Red orb and the Blue orb!!! After Archie and Maxie trap Courtney in a pile of rocks, disaster strikes when it caves in on her. Suddenly, Ruby's father, Norman, comes in with Rayquazza, the third Hoenn legendary pokemon!!! Rayquazza shouts a roar, and the two go back to rest. Unfortunately, Rayquazza was to much for Norman, and he dies, then to make sure Archie and Maxie come out of hiding and use Maxie's Houndoom's Flamethrower to incinerate him!!!!!!! Before he dies though, Norman unveils a big secret. And, how will Ruby's sixth pokemon come into play?!?!
This is the best of Pokemon Adventures: Yellow. This story arc follows the adventures of Pokemon trainer, Amarillo Del Bosque Verde, better known as Yellow. When Red goes missing after a challenge from a trainer, a mysterious boy goes to Professor Oak's lab to get Pikachu and find Red. He sets on a journey throughout the Kanto region to find the missing Red. Along the way, he'll meet some new friends, along with some enemies. The Elite 4, the most feared group of trainers in the world!!!!! Yellow will have to stop their evil plot and find Red at the same time!! How will things turn out for Yellow?