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This book is about a girl (Bethany) who is nearing her 13th birthday. The closer it gets the weirder her parents are. One day her parents drop her off to stay with an aunt she never knew about. One night she hears her dad tell her aunt about a girl named Elizabeth.
Double Identity
In Shiver, Maggie Steifvater delivers the amazing world of Mercy Falls, along with their wolves. When attacked at a young age by the wolves lurking around around her house and surviving, Grace Brisbane has always felt an affection towards the wolves. Especially the yellow-eyed one who always appears in the wintertime and protects her. But, Grace never predicted that one year, he would shift into a human. To fight for his humanity and stay by Grace's side, Sam needs a cure, even its the most dangerous thing he's ever done. Steifvater leaves no heartstrings unpulled in the brilliant first installment of the Shiver trilogy.
Maggie Steifvater