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Alexandra, "Alex" has had her fair share of absolute terrible days. Though the worst one by far had to be when she was captured by Sentinels and returned to the Covenant. Alex wants nothing more than to be free, but her DNA gives her some problems. She's a half-blood, destined to become a warrior or a servant, so when being captured winds up putting her in the place she tried to escape all of those months ago, things will get stirred up for the Pures.
Jennifer L. Armentrout
Daniel lives up to what his parents want, he is trying to go to Yale. Then he meets Natasha. Natasha is an illegal immigrant since her visa expired. She will be deported home at 10 pm. Daniel follows Natasha into a record store and he falls in love with her. Natasha knows not to fall in love because she will leave. Daniel is so in love with Natasha, he moves his meeting with an alumni. So much happens in the day, when Daniel meets his alumni, he realizes Natasha will have to move because his alumni is Natasha's lawyer. This is a beautiful story about Daniel and Natasha.
The Sun is Also a Star