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Adult Summer Reading Contest

For Readers Ages 17 & Up

The Contest Begins June 12th, 2017

The Contest Ends August 25th, 2017

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Summer reading participants are asked to write BRIEF book reviews, each of which counts as an entry in a prize drawing. The more reviews you submit, the more chances you have to win!
Submissions can be Adult or Young-Adult, Fiction, Graphic Novels or Non-Fiction. NO children’s titles, please!

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A BRIEF description of the book..... One to two paragraphs. What’s it about?
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Winners will be notified by email or telephone after Friday September 8th, 2017.


Seraphina is a super human that is fighting to save her sick boyfriend Zen as well as stop the company that created her from killing her. The secret to fighting their weapon that is meant to kill her is buried in her mind.

Sera is pretty dumb for a genetically engineered super human. She really doesn't catch on to things quickly. The first 100 pages were of self loathing in 1609. Flash forward to 2032, and now we have a love triangle. Zen is virtually non-existent, which is fine. Sera and Zen never seem to have much chemistry. Kaelen is described as having no personality, and I still find him preferable to Zen. Trying to explain away the love triangle with science only makes it marginally better.
Unforgotten: Unremembered #2
Jessica Brody
"Such traits could be amusing if you were a friend and irritating if you weren't."
That's how Elaine describes herself on page 18. And she's right. It was irritating.

Elaine is a middle aged divorcee who is disrespectful to everyone, mocks her friends and others, is rude, and genuinely unfunny. She reminds me of a so called 'popular' high school mean girl. Why go on an agritourism vacation if you find it ridiculous? And why not let others enjoy their vacation? She's insanely immature. Her encounter with her ex-husband sounds like a couple of middle-schoolers bickering. Her boyfriend Simon is unbearable. Her friends are totally one dimensional. Not only are the characters lame, but so is the mystery. It takes 100 pages to even get into it in the first place.

The other thing that annoyed me was the dates of when the women met up, and how long they've been friends, they don't add up. Especially when you factor in details from the other book about them that is previewed at the back of the book.
Three Blond Mice
Jane Heller
This book is a bit of an over dramatic dystopian. Some things feel forced. Kitty must decide which path to take for her future. Does she choose a humble but honest path or one that will bring her a higher status? At the same time, she must figure out a way to help the rebellion that got the girl's who identity she is taking over killed.
Pawn: The Blackcoat Rebellion #1
Aimee Carter
Sweet little story. It borrows some elements of Pride and Prejudice, which I of course love. Josette and her sister contemplate what to do to save their family estate. I usually feel like books need to be trimmed down, this one could actually do with some fattening up. Philip barely said a word to her! I did love the whole letter mix up, that he was trying again even without encouragement. And I loved that he fell for her even before he knew her. Overall, just a sweet little story
Danielle Thorne
If you super love "Wonderland," you'll love this book. I never liked "Wonderland." I loved the Lunar Chronicles, so I was excited about this book regardless but was a bit disappointed. It ends up feeling like an elaborate fan fiction. You know you're headed for tragedy once you realize who Cath is, which you really should almost immediately. It was interesting to see qualities that were endearing, but you know will end badly. If you want a happy story, stop after chapter 40. In the end, I think everyone was manipulated by the sisters, and though her meltdown was tragic, in a way, I liked it. You will lose your mind if you lose all hope and love.
Marissa Meyer