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   SRP 2016   
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Remember: Books over 250 pages count as 2! Just put a 2 in the Quantity box when you report.
Please, in your review, include at least the title of the book, and tell me something about it. "It was good" is NOT a review!
It had some funny stuff
I re-read Stephen King's "The Colorado Kid" because I saw it on my bookshelf and couldn't remember a thing about it!
Kill 'em and Leave is a mostly failed biography of James Brown. The Author, James McBride, talks too much about himself.
This book grabbed me and wouldn't let go till I finished. It is about a hacker who is in hiding. Someone shadows her from inside her computer and puts her on the run. Loved it.
Eli had a dog named Tommy and once he was chasing a cat and a car ran over him and he died. They buried him. His father said he could work at his grandpas and he was excited about that. The next day he work up early and and his grandpa said are you ready to work and he said not really. His grandpa gave him a dinosaur and mean kid stole his dinosaur and hid the dinosaur turned into a real dinosaur.