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And Saturday, the party!

We have passed the 500 book mark! Good work, everyone!!!
News---Due to a Flaw in the program, You need to type the Title and Author into the "Comment" Section as well as the Title and Author boxes. I'll contact the folks who make the program, but I doubt if they can change it for this year....
See my "Joyland" review below to see how to do it...

The program won't let you use the same username as last year. I got around it by adding "2013" to last year's username.

ALSO NEW THIS YEAR: Family registration. One family member can pick a username and password, and others you add can use the same username and password.

Sharks are dangerous. The Author of this book is Melvin Berger
When people make mistakes, and never correct them, some times history must repeat itself.
Don't Know Much About Geography by Kenneth C. Davis is about the Earth, how it developed over time, how humans learned about it and how its geography has steered political divisions. It was published in 1992, so data is not current.
Stephen king, just after sunset, is a series of short stories once again written by mr king...this one wasn't as interesting as the others but there were a few good stories...a few were ones he wrote at one sitting as the thought crossed his mind...I kinda liked the last story though, kinda gross but nonetheless....
sole survivor by dean koontz. took a few to get into it but then it got good. a mans wife and girls were killed in a plane accident. he withdrew in his own world. he felt as though he was being followed and watched when he went places. he went to the cemetery to see them and was visited by a woman that said she had info on crash and survived. there was no way based on the accident that anyone could have survived. a series of unfortunate things happen that make ya wonder what they heck is happening. it turns out she did survive but you will have to read the book to find out the rest. it does have a tie into his old boss from the paper he worked at.