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   SRP 2016   
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Important Messages
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Remember: Books over 250 pages count as 2! Just put a 2 in the Quantity box when you report.
Please, in your review, include at least the title of the book, and tell me something about it. "It was good" is NOT a review!
The Marsh Madness by Victoria Abbott is a mystery that includes collectible Ngaio Marsh books, murder, a theatrical set-up, and lots of mayhem. Fun
The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane is a classic story of the Civil War. The story takes place over the course of a two day battle when untested soldier Henry Fleming is introduced to war. Told in first person we see the events through Henry's eyes and thoughts.
April Morning by Howard Fast is a historical novel about the beginning of the American Revolution. It takes place on one day when shots are fired in Lexington and Concord. During the course of the day a teen leaves youth behind and becomes a man.
A Hero of France by Alan Furst is a gripping story of the French resistance during the Nazi occupation of Paris in WWII. This was very suspenseful and though we know who wins WWII we aren't sure that the people in this particular band of the resistance will make it through unscathed.
i'm just a person by Tig Notaro is a biography. Tig is a stand-up comic who gained notoriety by doing a stand-up bit about her bout with cancer. I enjoyed this.