The Adult Summer Reading Club begins on June 2nd and ends on September 7th. Read and review one book a week for a chance to win a prize!
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Important Messages
The Adult Summer Reading Club has begun!
There are great prizes this year!

If you have not registered, you can register here or at the Adult Reference Desk. You will be able to submit reviews on this site, or you can use a review sheet found at the Reference Desk.

Every week until September 7th, there will be a raffle prize drawing. You must submit your review by each Friday to be considered for the drawing for the prior week. Entries submitted after Friday will count toward the next raffle drawing.

You can submit one review per week for a chance to win a prize!

Happy Reading!

Interesting novel - unusual plot - hostages and terrorists become "friends" - lots of sub plots (including romances)
Bel Canto
Ann Patchett
Great read - 2 mysteries in one - connected to each other - stops at first - goes into 2nd - then ends with first
The Magpie Murders
Anthony Horowitz
The first in a Rhys Bowen series that is suspenseful and funny. A a young English royal woman, Georgiana Rannoch, is trying to make her way in London. Along comes a French crook scheming to get possession of her family's Scottish estate. Murder! Potential scandal! Romance!
Loved it! And seven more books in the series!
Her Royal Spyness
Rhys Bowen
Hazel Nash s in an auto accident wherever father was killed. He had a TV show for many years-the House of Secrets-
He traveled all around he world.
Hazel wakes rom coma suffering from a brain injury which changed her personality with memory loss.
The FBI arrive with questions about her dad and a murdered man who had a book in his chest that belonged to Benedict Arnold.
Hazel tries to put together the puzzle pieces. She needs to find answers re the book and the man.
The House of Secrets
Brad Meltzer and Tod Goldberg