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Did you decide to track your reading online? Then you are in the right place!! This website allows you to track your hours spent reading. For every 2 hours you read, you earn a prize ticket from Amanda! Don't forget you can use the paper record you received in your registration goody bag to help you but you must enter your reading in your online account.
The Theif is a book about a young man who is put in prison when he brags in a pub that he could steal the king's Royal Seal. Later he is brought out of prison by the king's Magus,which is a sort of scholar, to go on a quest for a sacred stone.
This book is wrapped up with a whole bunch of surpises and is an easy read but also a good read.  Find this book in the library!
The Thief
Megan Whalen Turner
Bitterblue which is the second book in a series and and a companion to another is a story about Bitterblue (hence the title) who at the age of 10 is given the control of a kingdom that has just been awakend from a 35 year spell. During the 35 years her father King Leck who had the grace,which is a sort of power, to tell lies that anyone would believe made people do bad things whether they were willing to do it or not. So the story is about her at age 18 trying to help her people to get over that time of darkness and bring the kingdom back to an age of happiness. Really good story full of mysteries, lies, romance, and just about anything a good book can have.  Find this book in the library!
Kristen Cashore