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Did you decide to track your reading online? Then you are in the right place!! This website allows you to track your hours spent reading. For every 2 hours you read, you earn a prize ticket from Amanda! Don't forget you can use the paper record you received in your registration goody bag to help you but you must enter your reading in your online account.
Legend is a story with a setting of a future post-apocolypse where the United States is separated into two different groups,the Colonies and the Republic, and living in that world are two different people ,Day, a boy from the streets and ,June, a military prodigy who at age fifteen is assigned to a Commander and made an agent.
I could go on telling you about it, but I won't. I leave the rest for you to read about. This is a book I urge anyone to read.   Find this book in the library!
Marie Lu
Nick and Allie are involved in a horrific car crash. Rather than surviving the accident or finding themselves in another "higher" place, they wake up to this mysterious world. Caught between the living and the deceased, Allie and Nick find themselves searching for answers and eventually fighting for their sanity and freedom.   Find this book in the library!
Neal Shusterman