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Exercise Your Mind...

Come enjoy our Adult Summer Reading Program at the Mount Vernon Public Library. You can sign up using this form. We have an excellent selection of materials in our new books section, in addition to our Fiction Room. If you are looking for ideas check out the recommended titles on our website. Check out books, audiobooks, and large print books. If you want you can also checkout e-books and electronic audiobooks for your reading device.

For the Adult Summer Reading Program we are giving out raffle tickets for each book you read. If you read one book, you get a pen, if you read five books you get an acrylic cup, and if you read ten books you get a tote bag. People who participated in the program are invited to come see Jason Hochman, a Flamenco at our end of summer reading party.

The Adult Summer Reading Program has a variety of events that go with it, including a book club, films, a word game night, and other activities.

Please come enjoy reading at the Mount Vernon Public Library Adult Summer Reading Program.
I enjoyed reading Walkable City How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time by Jeff Speck. I learned about how bike lanes, trees, and different aspects of cities make them more comfortable for pedestrians. It helped me understand some of the politics behind parking as well as cars.