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   Storyland Summer in Scarsdale!       Storyland Summer copy-"It's a Jungle In Here" Summer 2013   
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Dazzle Dogs are coming to the library! Monday, July 9th at 7:00pm. This is a great family show for all ages! Prepare to be dazzled with this amazing show!
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It was a good book. I like the story with Electro. Peter parker was walking in Times Square when Electro came on the screen and said he was going to make the city dark. Peter turned into Spider Man and fought Electro. He used to water to wash Electro out.
Dodsworth and the duck went on an adventure. They saw the sistine chapel. Duck tried to add a duck to the painting.
Dodsworth and the duck went on an adventure in Paris. Duck lost their money on the Eiffel tower when he used the euros to make paper airplanes.
Dodsworth went to Hodges cafe and met the duck.
Meg loves horses but lived in NYC where there are no horses. She moved to the country and met a new friend.