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Important Messages
The Reading Game
Teen readers! Unmask! Be proud! Now is a GREAT time to be a teen reader - just ask John Green! So many amazing teen books are being published, there's something for everyone! This summer, each book that you read can also win you all kinds of prizes. One book=one entry. Easy!

How to Play the Reading Game
1. Create your account. Remember your password for the next time!
2. Read an entire book, keeping track of approximately how many minutes you spend reading it.
3. Post your review, including author, title, number of minutes and a few brief sentences about the book and your reaction to it.
4. Wait at least one day, then come to Seymour and pick up your prize entry forms at our Information Desk,one for each book that you complete and review.
5. Put your form into the box in the Teen Scene that's labeled for a prize that you would like to win. The more you read, the more chances to win!
6. Come to the Teen Readers' Party on Monday, August 10, from 7-9 pm to play games, eat pizza and find out if you won a prize.

The Color of Magic
Terry Pratchett
Introduction to many great books by this author. Painted a vivid image in my mind of a magical world. (Discworld)
The Heir
Kiera Cass
Everything I wanted and didn't get from The Selection. Full of delicious drama, perfect for a quick read.
Goosebumps 3 ghoulish graphix tales, Deep Trouble
Amy Ganter
This was a great book! Its about a kid who overhears his uncle talking to these zoo people about a mermaid. They said that if he catches the mermaid they will pay him 1 million dollars. The kid swims far away and try's to find the mermaid. He spots a shark and the shark has a good grip on his leg. A mermaid comes and saves him, and tackles the shark. Then, a huge net comes, and swoops them up. The uncle and his assistant traps the mermaid in a tank. The boy wants to let her go but they wont let him. At night 4 people in a black ski mask comes and steals the mermaid. The uncle, The boy, and the kids sisters wants to save her. Can they?