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About the Reading Program
Read this summer and win prizes!

Here's How:

*Come to the library at the end of June and pick up some books.

*Read the book, log onto here and write a short (3-4 line)
review on the book.

*Come into the library next time your around and
claim your raffle tickets.

*You'll be able to choose one of several awesome raffles to put your tickets in.

a girl named anya falls down a hole and meets a dead body. the dead boies ghost comes alive and the ghost puts her pinky in anya's bag. the ghost can now go everywhere anya goes. the ghost helps her cheat on a test and she gets a A. but anya's ghost goes bad and turns on her so now anya has to put her ghost back down the hole to get rid of the ghost.
Condemned as a theif at a very young age, Mary is given a second chance at life at escapes death at the hands of the gallows. She is raised to be an independant proper woman with an education. She is then asked to join the agency which is a secret spy organization bent on taking those sneaky criminials down. To my knowlede this is the beginning of this new series and has had a very good start.