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About the Reading Program
Read this summer and win prizes!

Here's How:

*Come to the library at the end of June and pick up some books.

*Read the book, log onto here and write a short (3-4 line)
review on the book.

*Come into the library next time your around and
claim your raffle tickets.

*You'll be able to choose one of several awesome raffles to put your tickets in.

This is about a young girl who is sucked into the world of the japanense during world war 2. She pretty much lives in a containment camp but she knows they posse know threat but faces the discrimination of being a "jap-lover". Also all during this time she awaits news about her brother is fighing in t pacific. This a very intriguing book because it tells it from te other side of things sometimes een like a third party. I highly recommend it.
alice falls down a hole and is thinking about her cat the whole time. thinking things like i wonder if ccts can eat bats.