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About the Reading Program
Read this summer and win prizes!

Here's How:

*Come to the library at the end of June and pick up some books.

*Read the book, log onto here and write a short (3-4 line)
review on the book.

*Come into the library next time your around and
claim your raffle tickets.

*You'll be able to choose one of several awesome raffles to put your tickets in.

She was sleeping in the back of her step moms car while she goes in to get cheyennes prescription, when the car and cheyenne are stolen. This is a decent book in my terms but short and a little less detailed but this could be because the twist in the story is that she has pnemonia and she is blind.
This is the last book in the immortal series where Ever and Damen finally find true immortality. I found these books slow moving but with a good story line I would recommnd it to those who like the idea of vampires.