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About the Reading Program
Read this summer and win prizes!

Here's How:

*Come to the library at the end of June and pick up some books.

*Read the book, log onto here and write a short (3-4 line)
review on the book.

*Come into the library next time your around and
claim your raffle tickets.

*You'll be able to choose one of several awesome raffles to put your tickets in.

This the second book in the gone series. This is the aftermath of the big battle at the end of Gone. this the months following when the food begins to run out and the mutating anials are making it harder and harder to collect it. And it there is an even greater evil force baring down on them. The darkness. With many developing new and strange powers each day the thrillof this book is great! Read it for sure!
alice falls down a hole and is thinking about her cat the whole time. thinking things like i wonder if ccts can eat bats.