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The West Nyack Free Library invites you to join in the fun of Dig Into Reading! the 2013 Summer Readers Club

(kids entering grades 1 - 6)

It's easy to start - just register online or in person. After recording your first book, on your reading log (in the library)you will receive a ticket to see: Steve Johnson and His Magic Variety Show on Tuesday, July 9 at 7 PM at the West Nyack Free Library.

Once you've completed your club requirements - you've made it! You will be one of the lucky ones to receive a ticket to join us for a special evening of fun. An Ice Cream Social on Tuesday, August 13 at 7 PM at the West Nyack Free Library.

By signing up for the Summer Reading Program you are giving permission for your child's image and work to appear in library promtional materials.
I read Amelia Bedelia 4 Mayor by Herman Parish

I really like this story , it was funny. I like Amelia Bedelias clothes. My favorite part was when the doggie is chasing the cat across the stage.

by Teagan Novotny
China I liked China because it gave me good and interesting facts about China
Hawaii I liked Hawaii because it gave it gave me good facts about the state Hawaii